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Initiating A System For Partnership In Local Governance Between The City Government And The People Of Naga

LGU: City of Naga
The City of Naga embodies a government that champions citizen empowerment and participatory governance. Since its implementation, the ordinance creating a system for a partnership of the City Government and its constituents became a model local government for the generations to come. The late Mayor of Naga, Mayor Jesse M. Robredo, put forth his vision […]
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Creating The Ilocos Sur Sports Development Office, Providing Budgetary Requirements Thereof And Adopting Policies To Govern Its Organizational Structure And Staffing Pattern

LGU: Province of Ilocos Sur
The Province of Ilocos Sur is home to the Quirino Stadium, a world-class sports arena that can cater to any sports event for its renowned facilities. In 2016, it was renovated to fully maximize its wide space. However, there exists no office or any fixed system of organizational structure to man it. Only a handful […]
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Instituting The Provincial Child Development Workers Code And Providing Funds Therefore

LGU: Province of Ilocos Sur
While the cry for higher wages and equal opportunities for our teachers are prevalent and loud, what might be the hush to stop these cries is still absent. Contrastingly, in the province of Ilocos Sur, Board Member Mikaela Mendoza pushed to ease the conditions of the Child Development Workers (CDWs), the new designation of our […]
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Establishing An Organic Agriculture Support Fund

LGU: City of Alaminos, Pangasinan
Agriculture is the backbone of the Philippine economy, our farmers, its committed laborers. In the city of Alaminos, Pangasinan, wherein one of the main sources of livelihood is farming, Councilor Carol Sison ensured the economic safety of their farmers. A decade after its implementation, the establishment of an organic agriculture support fund helps alleviate the […]
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Institutionalizing The Regular Conduct Of Bloodletting Activity In The Municipality Of Magallanes, Creating A Local Blood Council And Providing Funds Thereof

LGU: Municipality of Magallanes, Cavite
While there may be other means to cultivate change, the institutionalization of policies creates a lasting one. This is one of the core realizations of Councilor Aina Mari Sisante of Magallanes, Cavite when she first held her legislative position, having worked then as the Municipal Administrator. Her background as the Municipal Administrator allowed her to […]
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Establishing The City Of Tuguegarao's Response Mechanism And Protocol In Handling Gender-Based Violence (GBV) And Violence Against Women And Their Children (VAWC) Cases

LGU: City Of Tuguegarao, Cagayan
One of the horrors this pandemic brought is the surge of gender-based violence. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), there was a 20% increase in domestic violence globally and the City of Tuguegarao also had its unfortunate share of this statistic. Gender-based violence is often overshadowed by other social issues, it is a […]
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Creating A Solo Parent Unit Providing Welfare Services, Special Privileges And Benefits To Solo Parents And Their Children, Appropriating Funds And For Other Purposes

LGU: City of Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Localization of national policies is one of the core challenges of every legislator. This has been triumphed by Coun. Mary Marjorie Martin-Chan of Tuguegarao, a 3rd class city in the province of Cagayan, by institutionalizing the Solo Parent Ordinance of the City. Despite not being a solo parent herself, Martin-Chan saw firsthand the struggles of […]
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