Creating The Ilocos Sur Sports Development Office, Providing Budgetary Requirements Thereof And Adopting Policies To Govern Its Organizational Structure And Staffing Pattern

LGU:  Province of Ilocos Sur
Date Posted:  November 25, 2021

The Province of Ilocos Sur is home to the Quirino Stadium, a world-class sports arena that can cater to any sports event for its renowned facilities. In 2016, it was renovated to fully maximize its wide space. However, there exists no office or any fixed system of organizational structure to man it. Only a handful of people, including the security and sanitation personnel were present. Truly, infrastructures would be of no use if there exists no system to care for them. This is the problem that Board Member Mikaela Mendoza sought to solve.

Indeed, infrastructure investment is considered one of the customary fundings that can create a legacy for a politician; even after their term, the physical structures are still standing. But as Mendoza puts it, these gigantic structures would be put to waste if none would keep an eye on it. To solve this, Mendoza crafted this ordinance that put forth guidelines and provided a budget to create the official Office for the stadium.

This is considered an urgent call for passage, as 2018 Palarong Pambansa is close by. Admittedly, it has been one of Mendoza's frustrations then, that the Province of Ilocos Sur will host this national sports event, housing different athletes across many cities and municipalities, yet the very arena where it will be held still lacked an organizational system. Besides, since there was no formal structure back then, the stadium is being used for free by its constituents, resulting in a surge in their electricity bill. As with all infrastructures, service fees are vital to sustaining them.

Seeing this pressing matter at hand, Mendoza then convened all the primary stakeholders. The Ilocos Sur Sports Council, schools, coaches of different sports, the youth, and even the governor attended the committee hearing. While the points of the agenda of the consultation were met, Mendoza acknowledged that each of the stakeholders agrees for their vested interest. For instance, on the part of the coaches, they do not put much weight on the sustainability of the stadium as long as they can use its facilities. While this may be upsetting, this is the reality on the ground; efficient legislators always focus on the collective benefit over these issues.

It was a swift passage and implementation; Ilocos Sur was able to host the 2017 Palarong Pambansa in a professional, timely, and competent manner. To date, the Quirino Stadium is facing new renovations to better serve its constituents and new sports events post-pandemic. It also now has organized personnel to address the sustainability of the stadium.

Towards the end, Mendoza emphasized the vital need of drawing the line by saying "No" to negativities and frustrations and to stand up instead for your cause. Our board member said that these times are most evident as a legislator; but once you rekindle your passion in serving, you will always see the reason why you fought for these policies in the first place.