Continuing Legacies:
Legislating Good Governance

Continuing Legacies: Legislating Good Governance is a compendium of local legislations enacted and implemented from the year 2000 to the present, and catered towards sustainable and inclusive local development. The compendium serves as an online portal, containing: 1) replicable local policies categorized into development themes; and 2) feature narratives on selected policies highlighting salient points and supporting accounts on policy development and implementation.


This online portal shall act as a knowledge-exchange platform where policymakers and LGUs can share their development policies and serve as references and inspiration to other local governments and communities.  It intends to:

  • Serve as an accessible and user-friendly online portal of local development policies;
  • Feature policies and narratives highlighting good practices in policy development and implementation; and
  • Evolve as a living-document, immortalizing replicable policies, and keeping up with emerging trends on development legislation.

Compendium Themes

The collected ordinances will be uploaded into an online policy database and categorized based on the five (5) identified development themes as classified and characterized in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) of LGUs namely:

  • Social Development
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure / Physical Development
  • Environmental Development
  • Institutional Development

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